How To Set Up A Facebook Page

How To Set Up A Facebook Page

Set up your facebook page and get your business, brand, or product out there. Once your page is set up you can like as a page, get likes to your page, and publish updates from it.

A Facebook business page makes it easy to separate your personal profile from work.  Additionally, you can manage the page from your personal account which makes it quite simple.

Make your business Facebook Page

You’ll need to use your personal facebook account to get started.  Once you are logged in, go to the right hand side of the page and click on the menu, then create page.



Next, choose industry type and complete business profile info.  Make sure to include links to your website, social media and other places you’d like to your facebook friends to find you.

Fill in your phone number, hours (if it is a location) and other details.  Next, choose your profile picture and header.  After setting everything up, invite your friends to like your new page and begin posting great content!

If you don’t know how to make a header don’t worry.  You don’t need graphic design skills for this!  Go to and customize a preset for a professional and easy header.


What if I’m not very active on facebook?

Even if you are not active on a social network, secure your account.  There is nothing worse than coming back and finding out someone has already taken the page name and you have the domain and all social media accounts set up with the same name!

You can have invite people to follow you on other social networks that you are more active on.  Also, consider using a platform like hootesuite to schedule posts to your facebook every once in a while.


After you’ve created your page, filled in your details and invited a (relevant) audience to like the page, you’re ..almost done.  Once your facebook page is set up you need to consistently post!  Share information and updates so that people are inclined to like the page and be in the loop.


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