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Real Estate Web Design

We had a great time working on this website.  Maria is a realtor for a local real estate agency.  Her website is her new headquarters.  Everything real estate with a personal touch!

Like most realtors, she wanted to stand out from the list of agents on her company’s website.  If you feel the same way, you’re probably right!  Unless you market yourself like crazy on your social media platforms and through email then you rely on being dug out of the list of realtors on your company’s site.

Real Estate Branding – The Process

  1.  We met and filled out the quick questionaire to get a feel for the design the client wanted.  Something not spammy and square or ugly like traditional real estate sites.  A simple request by an avid artist and designer!  We had some shoes to fill and were ready to jump on it.
  2. We got to work decided on a color palette, created logos, the moodboard, and style board.
  3. We designed the website and created the content on the suburbs and subdivisions of her city.  This was the long part of the process.  It took 3 weeks of research, keywords, getting to know the area, and basically becoming an expert in the area too!
  4. LAUNCH!  We launched this thing and reviewed.  Our amazing clients were pleased with the look and instead of edits and retouches we did tons of walkthroughs and quick demos.

Real Estate Marketing In Your Area

When we began working on the website our client was absolutely new to anything like this.  Quite honestly, a bit intimidated by all of the tools and steps.  The first one was to become a resource in the area and do some marketing.  It sounds a bit intimidating when you put it this way, but by sharing about schools, parks, and grocery stores in the area you help homebuyers (your audience).  Overall, it doesn’t matter what business you are in you should be a resource to your target audience.  It just happens to be that in real estate you should share things to know when selling or buying.  Our clients were really honest and preferred to do as little web work as possible so we helped out with the writing which most realtors just don’t have time for.

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WordPress Website Design For Real Estate

What to do when you don’t have a website

Your profile image on your company’s website is a great starting point.  Take advantage and link out to your personal profiles.  If you do not have a website invite people to join your mailing list!  Many people say “my blog is on instagram/facebook”, while that’s great, it’s not yours it’s an account owned by that platform.  Whereas, your personal headquarters can include snippets of your life.  That’s why you own your website, and can share your website information on social media!

Clients are attracted to you because they trust you.  Whether it’s because you share a common interest for fitness, art, or reading people will keep coming to you.  When people like what you’re doing but they aren’t ready to buy what you’re selling in this case a home, they’ll keep you in mind for future instances and even refer you to friends.  Yup, referrals from people you’ve never even worked with!

So even if you don’t have a website, don’t think twice about sharing your current reads on your instagram stories, pinterest profile, or twitter.



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