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Graphic Design

Building up your brand and the values it reflects is largely influenced by your logo.  Your logo goes on your website, business cards, marketing collateral, clothing, and directly into people’s mind when they hear your name.  Get a custom logo design that you’re proud to display for $120.


Engage your audience with infographics that share snippets to highlight your content + reinforce a message.  More than 50% of people are visual learners and even more prefer to read something beautiful versus plain text.

2/3 of users prefer looking at something visually appealing. 

Infographic prices $100+


Need a different type of graphic or print ad?

Contact us for other graphic needs such as: catalogs, booklets, door hangers, mouse pads, etc.


Get noticed with your print + collateral

A well organized brochure provides an opportunity to share a clean and straightforward message while boosting your image.

Brochure designs typically start at $150.  Size of brochure, paper, folding (trifold, half fold, or Z fold), and quantity determine exact pricing.


Confidently hand over your business card, with a personalized design that fits your brand and business.

Turn your next launch into an experience with event invites + tickets.

Add the perfect touch to informational sessions, morning coffee gatherings, and your larger events!

Get The Designs You Want!

Please contact for exact pricing.  Pricing is dependent on the product, number of prints and paper type.  Thank you!

Questions About Digisol Graphic Designs Or Specific Pricing? 

Contact Us + We Will Get Back To You In 24 Hours Or Less.


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